Welcome to the world of Saint Julien; a celebration of beauty and imperfection, being wild and natural, fragile and powerful, confident and captivating. 

Inspired by the Caribbean, Sydney's Northern Beaches and the European summer, Maison Saint Julien offers a timeless range of iconic pieces. .

A true invitation to travel, the collections are aimed at independent and daring women who want simplicity and sophistication, seeking essential wardrobe pieces that are both chic and comfortable.

Each Saint Julien piece is unique, handstitched and handcrafted from organic, lightweight and soft materials. We pride ourselves on creating our pieces ethically with sustainability at the forefront of everything we do


Maison Saint Julien values a return to artisanal craftsmanship, emphasizing handcraft over machine-made work. Tradition, time and care go into creating our pieces rather than mass production. It is by working hand in hand with one of the oldest family-owned textile factories on the island of Bali that these values are preserved.

Each Saint Julien piece is unique, handsewn by Balinese women whose labour rights and working conditions are protected, because environmental commitment and ethicalfashion go hand in hand.

This sustainable, conscientious collaboration is part of the "slow fashion revolution", a movement that  enables consumers to recognize that they hold the power to make positive change.

Maison Saint Julien is aimed at women exploring this awakening as a return to oneself, who intend to consume better and slow down, representing a global shift in which they are an integral part.


 Julie Audibert grew up in the Caribbean, between land and sea and in the heart of lush, tropical nature. Her simple and authentic upbringing has guided her throughout her life.

A keen explorer and traveler at heart, Julie hit the road to discover the world from an early age. This nomadic lifestylefound herself on a deserted beach in the Indonesian archipelago when the idea of Maison Saint Julien was born. She envisages a brand that would marry style, simplicity, quality and ethical production to meet the needs of women, who, like her, live or travel to exotic destinations.

Julie has always favored sustainable living and values quality brands. She knows that like her, many women seek to find ways to consciously slow the pace of consumption, whileleading a more engaged way of living on a precious and changing earth. Change is only possible when you decide to act.

Maison Saint Julien is the fruit of this desire for a more eco-conscious alternnative to mass consumerism and the enhancement of quality craftsmanship. A conviction that will come to life with a Balinese family, couturiers for generations, with whom she will work hand in hand to bring Maison Saint Julien to life.

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